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Garage Door Motors

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

Common Fault Reasons - Garage Door Motor not operating is one of the common problems Prime Door Technician's fix in everyday callouts ,

1. Most common cause is Lack of Maintenance of doors and Associate hardware.

2. Age and use is another factor as most openers have a life span of a few decades or less depending on brand and the ratio of door size to motor power.

Repair Process - Sometimes Intermittent stopping happens which is easy fix and can be done by us in 1 Quick Site Visit to avoid expensive bills for replacement units.

Getting New Opener - Motor power is the most important part of the process to consider before buying a new opener. Motor power is marked in range of 600N to 1400N for most Motor Brands.

Call Prime Doors Wellington at 0272700166 or fill form to book garage door repairs today.

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