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Garage Door Not Opening

Updated: May 22

One of Most Common Callout for Prime Doors Tech Team is Motorised Garage Door's not Opening while motor is powered.

Common Reasons

Broken Springs - Most of Sectional Doors come with 2 overhead springs installed facing each other. Lack of spring adjustment , over fatigue under tension and rust of hardware around coastal areas are main reasons of failure. Broken coil on spring eventually leads to door operating unassisted with heavy weight and sometime halted operation of the motor , Overtime usage of door with broken hardware can leads to Overheated Motor which can occur even more expensive bills.

Broken Cables - Most garage doors have 2 cables to assist doors .Wear& tear , and rust are main reasons for cables breaking and causing door operations to stop.

Lack of Maintenance & other hardware Issue - Garage doors shutting close and the motor stopping its operation can be caused by lack of maintenance and other hardware issues which all can be solved by Prime Doors Wellington team in 1 quick callout Service.

Call Prime Doors Wellington at 0272700166 or fill form to book garage door repairs today.

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